Canopy Oaks Offers Latest High-Tech Community Security System

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In the last few years, the area of community security seeing the greatest technological advancement is at the entrance. Telephone entry systems are now considered especially antiquated as associations turn to virtual guarding for quicker and more reliable verification of visitors at the gate. When combining virtual guards with technology, communities are able to expedite entry for authorized visitors while creating a virtual wall, complete with compelling video evidence, which unauthorized persons can only breach at their own peril.

With its substantial gate and sophisticated virtually guarded entry system, Canopy Oaks is at the cutting edge of community security. An extensive network of video surveillance cameras by Envera Systems become active when anyone enters or tries to enter Canopy Oaks. The community’s front gates and children’s bus stop feature a video feed that can be accessed by the security company, or even a resident’s cell phone, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This data is always available in real time and is archived on Envera’s servers for playback should that become necessary. To eliminate the cost of an on-site security guard at the Canopy Oaks’ entrance, our state-of-the-art cameras and two-way hands free audio equipment at the kiosk provide for responsive personal communication with the visitor while the video equipment scans the driver, their vehicle and tag number so they can be compared to those of registered owner’s family or guests. If need be, this data can also be used as evidence by the police or insurance companies.

With only one way in and one way out, both of which are under round the clock surveillance by 5 cameras, Canopy Oaks provides a level of security that is second to none.